My Style

The following is a set of pictures and a critique for the “My Style” show on March 9th.


Usually, my pictures do not tell a story, but they tell of human achievement through architecture. I find beauty to lie within buildings and other forms of design, even when contradicted by the behavior of today’s society.

In this show, my main focus was to include certain pieces which reflect my own style and which mirror my artist statement to the best of my ability. Any other piece of my work which seemingly contradicted the artist statement was not included. I have posted these pictures on this blog prior, but I have made changes in terms of contrast and saturation.

In my works, I have manipulated color in a major way to change the tone and emotion of an image. Within these pieces specifically, shape plays a part in communicating the overall meaning of the work-beauty in architecture. Furthermore, the primary picture of the Chicago skyline possesses a matching foreground balcony with the skyscrapers beyond. I have always thought that it has made the picture very successful.

If I could change the look of my pieces, I would consider “playing around” with the color balance to achieve a different mood and tone. However, I have come to the point of reconsideration with the bottom right image of the self storage warehouse, feeling as if it does not match. However, it was never a visual outlier.

My photographs connect to my own experiences in life through providing and showing what I see through my own eyes, spreading my own point of view to the world.

The image of the Chicago skyline, specifically, is a location where I feel truly relaxed-I can watch the city all day and all night. A sense of euphoria is unleashed; I can watch my early life roll past.



Loaded For Bear

The following is a package which contains a resume, cover letter, artist statement, self-promotional brochure, and a business card. The cover letter is meant for a fictional position at a real company.

Artist Statement:

I use photography to attempt to understand and comprehend the world. We live in a civilization which has tendencies to be restrictive and dismal, yet beautiful. As a photographer, I want to be able to document that idea. I achieve this through the manipulation of an image’s color and overall look to reveal further depth in an image. In addition to digital manipulation, I adjust aperture and shutter speed values accordingly during the shoot to limit light and obtain a “darker” feel to images that I take. Usage of models is very limited; I find it to not be necessary within the scope of the majority of my photos. My work also revolves around not only the concept of the world’s tendencies, but of fascinating architecture and the personal or economic behavior of the population.

While capturing my photographic works, I always strive to visually promote and create the idea of emotional exposure, even if it means a change in reputation among others. The mood and emotional attachment within any photo can spark that same feeling in the viewer which can be highly effective in any medium of art.

My own experiences, wishes, and goals for the future had inspired me to begin the documentation of the world and has always been the foundation of my work. I rarely intend for any specific meaning to be bound to any of my pieces. Any interpretation is always up to the viewer. Nonetheless, I influence my work poetically through its association with my own reality-from the elating nostalgia of certain moments of my own life which I cherish; or the gloomy elements which I know plague me with my own guilt and sadness.

As a child growing up in Illinois, my mother worked professionally as a photographer before I started it as a small hobby. The only camera that I used at a very young age was a 90’s era Polaroid that made me inquisitive about how things worked. As the quality and availability of technology improved over the years, I had eventually became familiar with newer equipment and different methods of photographic expression.

In addition, I have always attempted to incorporate the concept of aeronautics into my work. Aviation has always been one of my deepest passions, and I commonly use my work to visually share the feelings of happiness and euphoria that I associate it with. To complement this, I work as well with concepts in relation to industry and other forms of transportation as subjects in some of my images, usually altered with digital manipulation for a darker feel. As mentioned, I use this in coordination with my own poetic interpretation which is not set in stone.

When given the opportunity, I take pictures of sunset and landscape environments where I live, which exists in a better state aesthetically than other locations. On some occasions, deviation from the original look of the photo is not needed and can skip any post-production.

Cover Letter



Business Card.jpg

The Sunset

I am not usually one to take sunset pictures, but I have found this one insanely beautiful, especially with the clouds spreading out in infinite directions while complementing the light and mountains. I have not edited this photo in any way-this was pulled straight from the SD card.


The Sunrise

The sun cascades itself to form this large visual spectacle , seeming as if it has exploded. Eventually, the intense light wears off into nothing but a dull, blue sky complemented by the dark opposing color of the trees and other structures…



img_20161205_101524I have forgotten about this photo, and have never posted it until now. With a little bit of contrast adjustment, it worked out well. This is a photo of a Citabria Explorer airplane (N725AC) sitting idle in a hangar near Greenway, Texas. The way that the wings cut off at the ends of the photo make me like this photo even more. Flight itself is and always has been infinite in possibility.

Pure Shape

I took this picture in curiosity of how it would look depending on the angle I took it from. With the help of contrast adjustment, this photo has become deeper than its normal form though the power of reflection. It is surprising how much I can achieve photographically from a simple handle. Perhaps I can apply this idea to many other pieces of matter.

Pure Shape.jpg


Heat is what keeps us alive, but eventually burns out over time-like life. Fire can give in many ways, but can also kill. Lack of focus in the picture creates a magma-like appearance.IMG_6228.JPG